Investor and Shareholder Engagement Made Simple

Effortless Investor & Owner Engagement

Your investor engagement starts much before you get investment. It is time-consuming to keep your prospective investors updated about the progress of your company. makes it simple. 

Automatic Financial Updates!

We automatically collect information about your company and create a standard report. You can decide to add financial projections and automatically share the report with prospective investors. It is quick and effortless. 

Company News Updates

Investors are not just about numbers, good news about your company can turn many Investors on! Our automated updates also include news about your company. You do not have to do anything as our Media Engine find it for you. 

Owners Dashboard

As said, it is easier for get more money from existing customers than getting new customers. Same can also be said for company owners. Keeping your existing owners updated about your company progress is a good way to start you next funding round. 

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